The Lighthouse - A Poem

Beside the lighthouse now he stands
Right before him is his band
Resting awake in the forest green
Sternly awaiting the next day's scene

Outnumbered, outweaponed, surrounded by foes
This lighthouse appeared their final repose
Today they would lose, or today they would win
Today they would die, or today they begin 
          the liberation of their state.

Now the men do stir awake
Now they their positions take
With resolve they face their fate
Among the trees they crouch and wait


Temptation - A Poem

A cliff above the pit
Swallowing men's hearts whole
I stand upon the brink of it
And how I want to go.

The siren's call—it lures me
"It wouldn't hurt to look"
E'en as its billowing waves of heat
Roll o'er me like a brook.

I know it's death; why stand I here?
My God, oh does he hear me?
I care not; my resolve's gone
I stand, and then I leap.


Temptation - A Short Story

A pit of milky, frothy lava oozed up from the endless caverns of the earth. It glowed red as though it were a sunset, and if that color had been in the sky, it would have been termed beautiful. Now, though, it was terrifying. 

A man stood near to the edge of the pit. He could see the venomous flares coming from deep down in the depths, and they seemed to mesmerize him. He was spellbound by their glistening colors. 

In his one hand, he carried a Book. He had been told that this Book was the guide to the true Life. He simply had to read and follow its commands to enjoy life and peace for everlasting. But today, as it had been for the past few weeks, his book was at his side, unread and unheeded. 

Now he took a step nearer to the pit. An almost magnetic pull drew him closer. 


Pride in Writing

Recently, I was faced with a temptation to do something very wrong, but at the time it just seemed so good to do. It wouldn’t be harmful to myself or others. It would feel good, with no bad consequences. Or so I told myself. So I believed.

Thankfully, due to an external circumstance I was released from that temptation, but I was shaken by the fact that I had nearly succumbed to it. I had been within a hair’s breadth of giving in.

I began reading my Bible with more of a fervency. What could I do that would give me the strength to resist when I was tempted again? I needed to understand how the enemy works.